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New Joan Didion Educational Series Program!

Our new event Preserving Sacramento’s Past: The Collections of the Center for Sacramento History with Marcia Eymann is coming up in 2 weeks!

“History is a conversation that the present holds with the past in order to help chart its course for the future. Surviving structures and spaces and historic collections are gifts; they allow us, in our own time, to summon up the struggles and choices, the truths and values that past generations confronted and drew on in building lives, families and communities.”

This talk will focus on the collections at the Center for Sacramento History, what

we have, why we collect, and how it is utilized. Historic collections like the

Center’s are an essential part of our democracy preserving government records

and making them accessible to the public. Private papers, images, artifacts,

photographs and film help us tell the story of how the past continues to impact us

today. Each of these collections are used locally, statewide, nationally and

throughout the world. This is an opportunity to learn about this one-of-a-kind

collection that is held in public trust by the City and County of Sacramento at the

Center for Sacramento History.

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