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About the Show

Uncover historical insights that excite and entertain by taking a trip to the American Attic. Presented by the Sacramento Historical Society, join host Eric Sweigert as the rich history of the West comes to life through expert-led, dialogue driven explorations of the past.  


Each episode is handcrafted to address a unique part of this past, a part that reminds us not only of a bygone age, but more importantly, of the role we all play in shaping our own.

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In this episode of the American Attic, host Eric Sweigert sits down with UC Davis professor Victoria Juharyan to discuss the collision of art, politics and dissent seen in Eastern European history. Such a launchpad takes listeners through stories seldom heard and explores the role art plays in society as well as what is risked by artists who dare to take on the powers that be.


As a guide through this landscape, Professor Juharyan pulls from her extensive study of Slavic art and graduate work at both Dartmouth and Princeton before her current role of visiting professor of Russian at UC Davis.

**CORRECTION: When discussing artists working under USSR censorship, the guest shared a corrected reference to the idiom, "writing for the drawer" which can be found at this link 

Artists referenced: Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mikhail Bakhtin, Alla Gorskaya, Vasyl Stus


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