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The American Attic

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About the Show

Uncover historical insights that excite and entertain by taking a trip to the American Attic. Presented by the Sacramento Historical Society, join host Eric Sweigert as the rich history of the West comes to life through expert-led, dialogue driven explorations of the past.  


Each episode is handcrafted to address a unique part of this past, a part that reminds us not only of a bygone age, but more importantly, of the role we all play in shaping our own.

latest episode

If you've been to Sacramento, California; or Kalamazoo, Michigan; or the Museo Internationale della Ceramica in Northern Italy; there's a decent chance you've seen her work.

In this episode of the American Attic, we sat down with the artist responsible for the César Chavez Memorial in Sacramento and a host of other works across California and beyond. Along with her current clay portrayal of Sacramento writer Joan Didion, we discuss the origins of inspiration, historical projects in public art and other topics

 So roll up your sleeves and join us for a refreshingly insightful glimpse of one who takes a literal hands on approach to history.


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