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Joan Didion Scholarship Fund

Joan Didion production still from The Center Will Not Hold. Courtesy of Netflix

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The Sacramento Historical Society had it's annual event celebrating the wonderful legacy of Sacramento native Joan Didion

This is our 2 nd year honoring and celebrating Sacramento’s Joan Didion Day. Didion was a descendant daughter of both the American Revolution (DAR), and a Donner Party wagon train migration family that diverted at the Humboldt Sink, to Oregon Territory in 1846 inadvertently allowing for the family to survive the snowbound Cascade Mountains ultimately leading the Didion family to California’s capital, Sacramento.


Eight generations of Didion family history has left a lasting memory on the city of  Sacramento. That memory cast a deep reservoir of culture onto Joan Didion, uniquely “sculpting” her and her writing. It is clear that every thought that Joan observed reflected the essence of growing up as a Sacramentan; an essence that would weave its way into Joan’s entire body of work that has been nationally celebrated in books, movies, and awards.


The SCC Literary Scholarship endowment was created to reward and encourage hundreds of future City College students to explore the intrepid journalistic spirit for which Didion is so well-known. In our 2nd year of celebration we plan to again create a groundbreaking Sacramento moment showcasing Joan Didion and our Sacramento History. Additionally, the program will highlight the brilliance of SCC scholars.


However, we have made plans with SCC, the Sacramento Museum, and other community partners to expand our programs at Sacramento City College to include: A Faculty Scholars endowment, creating a living historical program, and additional
community engagement events to highlight the history of Sacramento areas like Land Park and Hollywood Park.

Regarding participation and attendance, we assume physical attendance at the Joan Didion celebration to be 600+ attendees. Sponsors will receive prominently featured brand placement on SHS website, and all promotional materials including Sacramento Freeway billboards, main presentation screens, and programs. Additionally, Sponsors
will receive VIP tickets to the Reception and event.

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