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Internship Opportunities

8 Internships for SCC Students ONLY

Located on Handshake

Apply NOW - Deadline TBD

Start NOW / Paid $15 hr. / 10-20 hours a week

 (For College Credit: WEXP courses begin: October 5th and 13th)


Website Build and Maintenance Intern:
Requirements: Ability to assist with online sales and fulfillment of publications and event tickets.

Duties: Once SHS gains complete control of the website and full documentation of domain ownership, assist in porting existing web content to newly designed website. Ongoing management of web content in a timely manner.

Publications Intern:
Requirements: Examples of your work.

Duties: Take rough program and publication ideas and create fully researched articles, presentations, PowerPoint decks and booklet. Design publicity materials arrange newsletter & flyers.

Membership Management Intern:
Requirements: Skill set includes being able to manage member list and perform basic functions like adding and deleting members, helping to coordinate outreach.

Duties: Centralize the SHS membership database on a contemporary digital platform that will allow integration with these functions: event/organizational communications, event ticketing, registration, payment, and dues renewal. Platform should allow access by multiple SHS contributors.


Marketing and Communications Intern:
Requirements: Examples of your work.

Duties: Create promotional outreach touchpoints for SHS programs and publications across the primary communication channels of social media, email and website. Skills include creating Constant Contact e blasts; creating Facebook posts maintaining a social media calendar of upcoming posts; collaboration with leadership and content developers.

Historical Research and Development Intern:
Requirements: Research, Writing, Storyboard Layout, Online Library Research, and Documentation.


Event Coordinator/Programs Intern:
Duties: Plan monthly presentation events and special events (like local tours and "on-location" Chautauqua’s), including hall set-up, permits, rentals, refreshments, and liaison with SHS communications and Board. Planning of conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings; and other related assignments as advised by the Board.

Requirements: Previous experience desired.


AV Technician Intern – for Live Events:
Requirements: AV system experience.

Duties: Build up from scratch a new AV system that is more seamless for presenters and that occupies a much smaller physical footprint at the hall. This will require capital investment. Explore the best live event platforms among Zoom, YouTube Live and Facebook Live. Capture and archive video of presentations that can be shared across various channels and/or offered for sale online.

Administrative Assistant Intern:
DUTIES: Additional tasks/responsibilities:

  • Prepare correspondence

  • budget information & excel sheets.

  • some data entry



 Qualities that will help succeed in ALL roles:

  • Professional phone etiquette, excellent planning

  • Adaptable, flexible, quick learner.

  • Interpersonal skills, customer service-oriented

  • Accurate and detail-oriented.

  • Entrepreneurial, individual initiative and collaborative work ethic


All Interns may be engaged in the following tasks/projects:

Plan and or provide support for events, including but not limited to the monthly Historical Presentations, Annual dinner and other programming.


Location: Depending on the internship role, some work may be in the office, some could be remote, and some will take place at event venues.


Eligibility: You must be enrolled or registered at least part-time (6 units for undergrads, 4 units for grads).


  • Paid Wage: $15.00 hr.

  • Hours per Week: Average 10hrs, with potential for up to 20 hours.

  • Duration: Fall 2022, September- December; Spring 2023, February -May

Please note: If hired for the first internship period, and you are still eligible, you could potentially be re- appointed.


This is an opportunity to join a growing organization and create a work-and-learn experience that aligns with your goals and values. Apply now to be considered for internships beginning in September!


To apply:

  1. Submit a completed SHS Application

  2. Submit a cover letter highlighting your interest, skills, and/or experience in one or more of the internship roles described below.

  3. Submit a resume.

  4. Optional, but encouraged, provide samples or your work-- like flyers you've created, writing samples, websites you’ve designed, social media posts--anything you think will help us get to know you and how you would like to contribute to the team!

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