Wall of Fame

The SHS Wall of Fame honors the members of the Sacramento Historical Society who have gone above and beyond to support the Society's mission to preserve and promote Sacramento's golden history through premium membership donations and outstanding service. The Society sincerely thanks our generous supporters.

Melanie Conover

In 1974 Melanie Conover was elected the first woman President of the Sacramento Historical Society. Ms. Conover first served on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Historical Society in 1966. She created and implemented many outstanding programs celebrating history and remained a vital and active member of the Sacramento Historical Society for more than fifty years. The Board of Directors of the Sacramento Historical Society finds it fitting and proper that Melanie Conover's contributions to preserving and promoting the history of Sacramento and the State of California be honored.


Therefore be it resolved by Proclamation of the President and Board of Directors of the Sacramento Historical Society, that Melanie Conover be appointed in perpetuity as President Emeritus of the Sacramento Historical Society, so ordered this day, December 3, 2020.

Bill George

SHS President

SHS Board Members

David Ballard, Steve Beck, Eric Bradner, Marshall Garvey, Gregg Lukenbill, Morris Lum, 
Mike Marando, Patricia McKinnon, Christina Richter, Daniel Sebby

Ritz Naygrow

In recognition of a lifetime of achievement, including the creation of Sierra Spring Water, his service on the Sacramento City Council, his encouragement and development of numerous new businesses, his employment of hundreds of people, and his leadership in philanthropy, The President and Board of Directors of the Sacramento Historical Society, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth in December 2020, hereby name Ritz Naygrow as a member of the Society’s “Wall of Fame” in recognition of a century of outstanding service to the people of Sacramento.

Lifetime Members

Jacqueline Ball

Supervisor Patrick Kennedy

Mead Kibbey, Posthumously

Catherine MacMillan

Mary McGowan

John Morgan

Dan Sebby

Kathryn Shurtleff

Michael Smith

Jane Taylor

Contributing Members

David Ballard

Susan Blacksher

Kelly Brown

Carole Cory

Ruth Craft

Ken Cusenza

Barbara Davis-Lyman

Ginger and Fred DeGregory

Delta Protection Commission

Janet Didion

Irene Dold

Janet Feil

Bill George

Susan George

David Gordon

Deborah Gordon

Chris Graser

Jeanne Huggins

Suzanne Jacobs

Jack Jennings

Kae Lewis

Locke Foundation

Gregg Lukenbill

Mike Marando

Mignon Marks

Angela Mastagni

David Mastagni

Karen Maxwell

Muffet McCleneghan

Patricia McKinnon

Delta Mello

Linda Muir

Par Environmenta Services, Inc.

John Perez

Portuguese Historical & Cultural Society

Darlene Roberts

Marc Roberts

Andrew Ruppenstein

Gretchen Steinberg

Jan Stevens

Eric Sweigert

Dan Visnich

Peter Voelker

Michael Williams

Robin Williams Rositani

Carolyn R. Wilson

William A. Wilson

Phillip Winters