Specific Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available

As of January 18, 2017


1) Volunteer Program Committee – Jenan Saunders, Chair

The committee is seeking administrative volunteers to assist in the development of overall volunteer oversight.  The work is administrative, flexible and part time.

2) General Society Volunteer – Dr. Bob LaPerriere Chair 

The Society is seeking part time volunteers to assist with various projects and research on an intermittent basis.

3) SHS Library/Archives and History – Clare Ellis, Chair

The Librarian is seeking part time volunteers to arrange Society historical documents chronologically, and to organize accessibility to professional, presentable, complete SHS archive documents and publications.  Position assignments will be accomplished on a part time volunteer basis, and will be filled based on qualified applicants’ skills and experience.  Oversight of this program will be provided by Board Member Clare Ellis.

4) Event Organization Committee – Joan Gherini, Chair

We are canvassing the membership for volunteers to help organize and put on membership events. Oversight of the committee lead will be SHS Board Member Joan Gherini.

5) Sacramento Area Facilities Survey Program – Gregg Lukenbill, Chair

Survey and catalog public assembly facilities in the Greater Sacramento area. We are canvassing the membership for volunteers to survey Sacramento area event, meeting, and entertainment facilities by collecting relative useful data, including, but not limited to, capacity, capabilities in food and drink, technical video facilities, fees, the contact person, and obtaining photographs.  Oversight of this program will be provided by Board Member Gregg Lukenbill.

6) Information Technology Committee – Marshall Garvey

We are canvassing our membership for internet technology, social media, and website/html technical expertise to assist in general communication, ongoing website management, and social media promotion. Oversight will be provided by Board Member Marshall Garvey.

7) Landmarks Survey Program – William Burg, Chair

We are seeking volunteers to evaluate and report on the various California Historical Landmarks existence/location, condition, and maintenance status for all 58 landmarks in the SHS region. Oversight of this program will be provided by Board Member William Burg.


If you would like to volunteer with the SHS, complete our volunteer application (online below, or download and email to us in Word or  PDF  format) or contact us at admin@sachistoricalsociety.org or 916 572-9858.

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