If you have any antique postcards you believe would make an excellent addition to our collection, please email a scanned image of the postcard to gibsonaundrea@gmail.com for consideration. 

William Burg is a California state historian, but outside of work focuses his research on Sacramento history. He is the author of seven books and approximately one hundred articles about Sacramento history, culture, transportation, music, and urban development. His current position on the SHS Board is Vice President. He also serves on the board of Preservation Sacramento, Sacramento Fair Planning, and Sacramento Heritage, Inc., and is executive director of the Norcal Noisefest, an annual music festival.
Greg Voelm
Greg Voelm is the Past President of the Historical Society in Sacramento and the author of True Gold, History and Adventure in the Gold Country plus two editions of AP US History. Greg thinks that even written history is an adventure, so in addition to the small screen, he’s been in the New York Times, Time, Youth and Via Magazine.  Greg has lectured at Berkeley, the University of San Francisco and St Mary’s College, but nowadays he enjoys tearing along the American River on mountain bikes, not far from where gold was discovered.

From Volunteer Tabs:


If you would like to volunteer with the SHS, complete our volunteer application (online below, or download and email to us in Word or PDF format) or contact us at admin@sachistoricalsociety.org or 916.572.9858.

Patricia McKinnon

Patricia McKinnon worked for more than 30 years as a Federal employee serving in various positions for the Department of Defense and Social Security Administration. After retirement, she worked part-time in a real-estate office for 18 years during which time she obtained a real estate license. Patricia became a member of SHS several years ago after attending monthly meetings and seeing how interested people were in learning about the history of Sacramento. She would like SHS to continue to preserve the rich, multi-cultural heritage of the region and disseminate historical information to the public and younger generations.

About Us

Like you, Sacramento Historical Society members share a love of history. For a lucky few, history has become a teaching, writing or public history career. For most, it is a passion that manifests itself in many different ways. Some of us volunteer at historical sites, museums, cemeteries, or archives; others search for their roots; collect objects from the past; or immerse themselves in various aspects of cultural history. You may be one of those who looks for the historical documentaries offered on PBS or the History Channel. Whatever your special focus, if you are fond of history, you will like being part of the Sacramento Historical Society. For more than 50 years, this organization has brought together people like you to share their lively interests. We offer informative publications, programs, and special events. The Society is a volunteer organization which on occasion, has advocated for the preservation of historical resources in the community. The greater Sacramento Region’s history is rich and complex. The Society’s activities not only raise awareness about the past, but also are lively and fun. We bring history to life and make it happen. We welcome you to join us!


Our Mission

The purpose of the Sacramento Historical Society is to preserve the heritage of the Sacramento region, to promote a greater awareness of regional history, to act as a resource for inquiries regarding local area history, and to educate the public about the importance of Sacramento County’s history.


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