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A Legacy In Brick & Iron: 

Sacramento's Central & Southern Pacific Railroad Shops 

Legacy In Brick & Iron - Shipping fruit from California by rail

The Sacramento Historical Society is proud to offer A Legacy in Brick & Iron by

Mary A. Helmich with Kevin V. Bunker. 

Nine years in the making, with more than 515 pictures and illustrations, the book provides a fully comprehensive review of the development of the historic Sacramento railroad shops initially constructed by the Central Pacific Railroad and then fully developed by the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Legacy In Brick & Iron - A Guide to the Sacramento Shops

The amount of technical research, photographs, diagrams, maps, and profiles of men who played a significant role in the railroad shops development is both a joy to read and solid point of reference for the casual history reader and hardcore railroad aficionado.

Also included is an illuminating chronological presentation highlighting when the various shops were built, the shop evolution, and whether the shops are still standing in 2018. Detailed appendices include a timeline of the construction of the shops along with original employees, including their position and

birth place.

Lead author Mary Helmich lives in Sacramento and has been steeped in

 local history for decades. She has a unique perspective on the importance the Railroad Shops played in Sacramento and railroading across the country and interweaves her understanding throughout the work.  

Purchase A Legacy In Brick & Iron today by clicking the link below.

Price (including shipping, sales tax, and $2 convenience fee for credit/debit card purchase): $50.00


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