Bill George

Bill George is a life-long history lover. He grew up in Chicago, and, like many an Illinois boy, was fascinated by Abraham Lincoln. Bill worked his way through college by driving a tour bus, pointing out the magnificent Civil War monuments along Michigan Avenue. As a journalism student at the University of Missouri, Bill produced a film on the 30th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s famous “Iron Curtain” speech delivered at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Bill worked as a television photographer and reporter in Iowa, and produced a five-part series called “Iowa in the Civil War” eight years before Ken Burns’ Civil War aired on PBS. In 1982, Bill was hired to work at KCRA-TV in Sacramento. Following the overland route from Iowa in the dead of winter, Bill crossed Donner Summit and got his first view of the Sacramento Valley, a welcome site after so many desolate miles. At KCRA, Bill served as a producer of special projects, and produced a show with legendary anchorman Stan Atkinson on the Vietnam War which raised funding for the California Veterans Vietnam Memorial in California’s Capitol Park. Bill transitioned to public relations, working in the public and private sectors including a stint as Global Marketing Communications Director at Ford Motor Company.


Bill has produced five documentary films on California history, including “The Hidden Wonder of the World” about the Transcontinental Railroad from Sacramento to Donner Summit. He also wrote “Rails, Tales and Trails,” a companion guide to the film. In 2014 he produced the documentary film, “Newcastle, Gem of the Foothills.” In 2015, he produced “Chinese Builders of Gold Mountain” about the Chinese experience in California from 1849-1875. He followed that up with “Beyond a Miracle,” about the rise of California agriculture, and, in 2018, he produced “The Short, Sweet History of California Strawberries” which also aired on PBS. His latest film is “Sacramento and the Transcontinental Railroad” which explains how Sacramento played a crucial role in connecting the nation by rail. Bill is working to raise awareness of the Sacramento region’s amazing contribution the nation’s history.

Morris Lum

Morris Lum was born and raised in Sacramento from kindergarten at Marshall Elementary School, to student-body president at Sutter Jr High School and on to head-photographer for Sacramento High School's yearbook. Morris graduated from Sacramento City College and American River College and started in real estate, eventually becoming a broker in 1976. 


Morris' parents grew up near 5th and N street and his grandmother's house was taken by eminent domain at 7th St and Q St. She luckily repurchased into the Southside Park neighborhood. His father served in the Army Air Corp and retired from McClellan AFB as an aircraft mechanic. He raised Morris in the Boulevard Park neighborhood when it was only known for the middle island play area. Morris' uncle was best man to Sacramento's first Chinese city councilman.

Morris took pictures of Gregg Lukenbill as he played football at Sacramento High School. He witnessed the changes and growth in the 5 county area for years. He is a proud graduate of the Sacramento Planning Academy and the Sacramento Management Academy. He has served twice as President for the joint Alhambra Triangle, Newton Booth and Poverty Ridge Neighborhood Associations. In 1992, Morris served as Venerable Master of Kadosh for Sacramento Scottish Rite Masonic Center. He also serves as a direct volunteer to the Development Director of the Shriners Hospital for Children of Sacramento.

Veronica Dempsey

Veronica Dempsey is a Sacramento native, born in Carmichael, California, and raised in West Sacramento, California. She trained in film production with the Art Institutes and worked on various tv shows and movies throughout the Northwest. She has a special fascination with the relationship between history and storytelling. Her love of history started with historical reenactment, from 12 years old, at the Old City Cemetery.

Her research projects include stories about the California and Oregon trails of which she is proud to say she has traveled the entirety of both land routes. From 2012 to 2016 she worked as a journalist for various publications in the Northwest. President of her History Appreciation Club, Veronica is a Portland State University 2015 Graduate, B.A. in Arts & Letters; History & Communications. Her undergraduate Capstone Project studied Historical Conflict Photography & Cinema. She is currently working on her M.A. in American History studying conflict & social migrations from a historical perspective. 

Mike Marando

Mike Marando has more than 35 years experience in communications, public affairs, marketing and media relations. He most recently served as Media Relations Specialist for Randle Communications (2015-2019), working on behalf of a wide range of local, state and national clients.

During a 30-year career for the State of California, Mike served as Deputy Director of Communications for the California Department of Motor Vehicles and previously held senior-level communications and marketing positions at the Office of Traffic Safety and California Trade and Commerce Agency.

A native of Rock Island, Ill., Marando is a former sports writer for The Sacramento Union, Elk Grove Citizen and Sacramento Suburban Newspapers; and, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from California State University, Sacramento. He is currently a member of the Asian Community Services (ACC) Board of Directors and is a member of the Cordova High School Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee. 

Mike emcees various local events; previously served as public address announcer for the Sacramento River Cats and is currently the stadium voice for the Cosumnes Oaks High School varsity Wolfpack.


Steve Beck

Steve Beck created, developed, managed, and participated in “Pioneer Living History programs at Sutter’s Fort SHP for more than 20 years.” He managed the Sutter’s Fort Archives for six years as archivist for the Sacramento Historic Sites Association. Steve has also been a school teacher and managed the educational programming at Sutter’s Fort for 15 years.  Steve has contributed to multiple books and articles about California History, and he has appeared on PBS, Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. He currently appears regularly on an award winning California History program broadcast on the Access Sacramento Channel. Many of his history videos may be viewed at Steve also gives presentations to schools, clubs, and other organizations on a variety of human history, natural history, and anthropology topics. Steve also contributes to a “history camp” ( ) that offers schools and organizations a chance to experience life as it was in the 19th Century. Steve is a graduate of West Georgia State University and California State University Sacramento and holds degrees in Rhetoric, Anthropology, and Geology.
Eric Bradner
Sacramento-based historian and artist Eric Bradner is active in the Old City Cemetery Committee, the Sacramento Historical Society and the Punk Rock Sewing Circle. Eric has done walking tours on subjects as different as Drugs in the Old West, 1890s bicyclists and the 1980s punk rock movement. He continues his compulsive research to map the obscure and forgotten corners of our recent past, whether you like it or not. He is currently attempting to incorporate his love of Victorian imagery into his paintings.

Melanie Conover

Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson’s interest in history started with his family’s research into its genealogy. His American family tree goes back to Jamestown, Virginia in 1610. Both his fraternal and maternal heritage connect with veterans of the American Revolution. He is a graduate from California State University, Sacramento. He and his wife have grandchildren who are seventh generation Sacramentans. Mark enjoys doing the research and creating artistic support for the many exhibits used within his group presentations that vividly recall the exciting early days of the Golden State.

Marshall Garvey

A graduate of UC Davis with a B.A. in history in 2014, Marshall Garvey joined the Sacramento Historical Society as an intern that same month. One year later, he was elected to the Board of Directors in August 2015. Marshall has many writing and history endeavors, including his Presidents Baseball educational card franchise and his new book, The Hidden History of Sacramento Baseball. He is the lead editor of the Sacramento-based gaming website Last Token Gaming, and a full-time baseball writer at Dodgers Nation. He is also currently a producer at Access Sacramento for the forthcoming video game variety show Game Players United.  

Gregg Lukenbill


A vital force in the SHS, Gregg has left his mark on Sacramento and is himself a prominent figure in Sacramento History. A native Sacramentan, he was born at Mercy Hospital and is a graduate of CSU Sacramento with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Gregg was a prime mover in the Sacramento group that purchased the Kansas City Kings in 1983. The team then relocated to Sacramento for its inaugural 1985-86 season, and in the eyes of many, “put Sacramento on the map.” Gregg has been fascinated by Sacramento history since he was a child. He has traveled the country in search of history, visiting several National Parks and monuments. At SHS, Gregg was the prime mover in creating the “Enlightenment Awards” that recognized outstanding local residents for their contributions to the area. He is deeply involved in preserving and enhancing the 

“Golden Notes” collection in the Society’s archives, a prime source of information on the history of the West and the Gold Rush.

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