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Membership Letters

Membership Letters

Membership Letter for April 21, 2021

Dear History Lover,


Your Sacramento Historical Society is a proud participant in this year’s Big Day of Giving! On Thursday, May 6, 2021, the Sacramento Region’s best of the best non-profits will be a part of a major fundraising effort to ensure the success of these organizations going forward. We invite you to be a participant in this very important event.


We would also like you to consider supporting the Sacramento Historical Society on this day. 


Our organization was formed in August of 1941. Once the war years were over and our area settled into a more normal way of life, the society reformed in 1953 and incorporated as a non-profit organization. The organization was created to accomplish four objectives:


  • To preserve the historical heritage of the Sacramento region.

  • To promote a greater awareness of our region’s history.

  • To act as a resource for inquiries regarding local history.

  • To educate the public with regard to the importance of Sacramento’s history.


In the spirit of these objectives, SHS aspires to share our regional heritage from the classroom to the boardroom.


To continue to be the best we can be, funding is imperative. On the Big Day of Giving this year your help would be most appreciated. 


You can go the BDOG website at, or, you can go directly to our website at to donate.


A BONUS on May 6 will be our first HISTORY-A-THON, free to the public! Watch for our next release for more information!




Sacramento Historical Society Board of Directors

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