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May 6, 2021

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History-A-Thon Schedule

10:00 am    Kick Off with President Bill George

10:15 am    Sacramento Baseball History

                      A discussion of Sacramento's trailblazing baseball history, from the mid-19th                                  century to our beloved River Cats. From the guy who wrote the book, Marshall                                  Garvey!

11:00 am    Kings History

                       The dynamic Kings journey to Sacramento. Naming rights, the season ticket                                     waiting list, temporary arena and David Stern. The man who ensured this journey                             occurred, Gregg Lukenbill, is our presenter!

12:00 pm    Transcontinental Railroad Documentary

                       Follow in the footsteps of the great people who defied the odds and                                                     led the way in the greatest achievement of the 19th Century, the Transcontinental                         Railroad. 

1:00 pm      California’s Agriculture Empire Documentary

                      Beyond a Miracle, Creating California’s Empire of Agriculture tells the dynamic story                        of the agricultural pioneers who shaped the state’s farm heritage. 

2:00 pm      Chinese Builders

                      Chinese Builders of Gold Mountain takes viewers to the places where the Chinese                            built levees, temples, stores and railroads. Gold Mountain is the name the Chinese                          gave California during the Gold Rush days.

3:00 pm      Gold Rush Documentary

                      Gold, gold, gold in the American River! Join us for a slightly off beat look at the                                  discovery that changed the nation. 


4:00 pm      Island in the Stream

                      At the junction of the largest watershed volume in America, the ‘Great Valley’ was                          Sacramento’s 1848 original grid location. Gregg Lukenbill takes us through our                                earliest flooding and its foretelling of historic consequences.

5:00 pm      Military History

                      Explore Sacramento region's military history, from the Mexican Provincial Period to                        the present. With Sergeant-Major Dan Sebby, Chief Curator and NCO in Charge,                                Museum Support Unit, California Military Department. This is a rare look at our                                area’s earliest military history!

6:00 pm      Reputation of Pandemics

                      Join us as we drill down into the Sacramento area and past pandemics. Did you                                know we’re in our 5th pandemic in 100 years?  It’s a fascinating reveal! 

7:00 pm      Gold Rush Era Medicine

                      Experience the medical challenges of those coming out for the gold rush and the                            evolution of medicine through the early 20th century.

8:00 pm      Folsom Power and Sacramento Light

                      Learn how Sacramento science and businessmen collaborated to create electricity                          that changed our nation.

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