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A Big Thank You to Our Donors!

Your Sacramento Historical Society participated in the Big Day of Giving for the first time this year (2021). What a thrill to be part of this significant and heart-warming event!


Our board decided that we would celebrate the day with a History-a-Thon, which translated into 11 history programs starting at 10am. Our subjects ranged from agriculture, the Gold Rush, railroad and Chinese pioneer history, to area sports, medical, including the history of pandemics, military history and finally, electrical power and its origination here.


As the day went on it was a thrill to check our “leaderboard” and see our donation numbers rising! Our community came together to support us, and other history organizations, in a significant way.


What a day! By the end we were exhausted, but we enjoyed every minute of it.


History truly shines in the Sacramento region and we couldn’t be more grateful for our supporters, our members and our board, for the opportunity to educate and appreciate our area that is steeped in important historical events.


From our heart to yours, thank you, so very much, for your support!


-The Sacramento Historical Society Board of Directors

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