Like you, Sacramento County Historical Society members share a love of history. For a lucky few, history has become a teaching, writing or public history career. For most, it is a passion that manifests itself in many different ways. Some of us volunteer at historical sites, museums, cemeteries, or archives; others search for their roots; collect objects from the past; or immerse themselves in various aspects of cultural history. You may be one of those who looks for the historical documentaries offered on PBS or the History Channel. Whatever your special focus, if you are fond of history, you will like being part of the Sacramento County Historical Society. For more than 50 years, this organization has brought together people like you to share their lively interests. We offer informative publications, programs, and special events. The Society is a volunteer organization which on occasion, has advocated for the preservation of historical resources in the community. The greater Sacramento Region’s history is rich and complex. The Society’s activities not only raise awareness about the past, but also are lively and fun. We bring history to life and make it happen. We welcome you to join us!


Our Mission

The purpose of the Sacramento County Historical Society is to preserve the heritage of the Sacramento region, to promote a greater awareness of regional history, to act as a resource for inquiries regarding local area history, and to educate the public about the importance of Sacramento County’s history.

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